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Magnetic Powder Test

Scanning systems of diagnostics of technical condition of oil and gas production, transportation and storage systems

  • INTROCOR M150 magnetic flaw detectors for the diagnosis of tank bottoms;
  • MI-5X magnetic introscopes for the diagnosis of well production strings
  • INTROS flaw detectors for inspection of steel ropes of drilling rigs
  • In-line stand-alone magnetic inspection devices and BGTsfor pipeline inspection.

INTROCOR M150 magnetic flaw detectors for the diagnosis of tank bottoms

Possibilities of INTROCOR M-150:

  1. Optimal metrological and performance characteristics
  2. Ability to work without removing the protective insulation coating
  3. High-speed scanning
  4. Ability to measure the thickness of the metal and protective insulation coating, definition of the position of the defect on the bottom (external/internal)

All magnetic flaw detectors INTROCORM 150 pass metrological certification

TechnicalparametersINTROCOR M-150
Thicknessofsteelsheetsfrom 4 to 16 mm
Error in determining the sheet thickness notmorethan ±0.25T
Error in determining the thickness of corrosion-resistant coatingnotmorethan ±0.5mm
Error in determining the coordinates of defectsnotmorethan 10mm
Scanbandwidth150 mm
Scanningspeedupto 1m/sec
Min. depth of detected defects of butt welds0,2Т
Min. diameter detected through defects in the metal0,3Т
Min. the dimensions of the detected defects such as "metal loss" with a depth of 0.2TТ х Т

*Т-толщина листа металла днища


The experience of using the INTROKOR M-150 magnetic flaw detector

Control of metal near the cut-off seam

Diagnosis of steel conductors of skip hoists

Control of the bottom without removing the anticorrosion coating

The principle of operation of a downhole magnetic introscope is based on recording the scattering fields from defects and details of the well design when magnetizing the wall of the EX