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Internal Rotary Inspection System (IRIS)

IRIS systems use the ultrasonic pulse echo immersion techniqueand are designed for inspection of ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic tubes of heat exchange equipment. The system allows you to detect internal and external continuous and point corrosion, to measure wall thickness with high accuracy and to save the results for further processing and analysis.

The ultrasonic transducer is contained in a probe that passes through the heat exchanger tube. The ultrasonic pulse is emitted parallel to the axis of the pipe. A mirror rotating at an angle of 45-degree provides scanning around the circumference. The mirror reflects the pulse perpendicular to the pipe wall. The pulses reflected from the outside and inside of the pipe follow the same path back to the transducer. The time interval between the pulse from the inner surface and the pulse from the outer surface is used to determine the thickness of the pipe wall. 100% continuous pipe inspection is achieved at speeds of up to 3 meters per minute.

PRIS XT ultrasonic in-tube inspection system fromTesTex, Inc. (USA)


Advantages of the system:

  • Information on the display in real time
  • Presentation of data in the form of A -, B – and C-scans
  • Color image B and C-scans, the ability to zoom and process images to identify defects
  • System has a built-in minicomputer for data processing
  • Connection to a laptop for data display and management via Ethernet
  • Precision measurement of the residual thickness – 0.01mm
  • The system is light and has small dimensions
  • Centering devices are made of durable stainless steel
  • Modular design of the system allows you to easily transport it by any means of transport