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Eddy Current Testing (with auto analysis)

Eddy Current Testing (with auto analysis)

Ectane (Eddyfi Company (Canada)

Ectane is a new generation portable eddy current multichannel flaw detector for eddy current matrix inspection and the most advanced eddy current device in the world.

Ectaneuses the following inspection methods:

  • EddyCurrentTesting (ECT);
  • Near Field Eddy Current (Testing) (NFT);
  • Emerging Eddy Current Array (ECA);
  • RemoteFieldArray (RFA);
  • Remote Field Current (Testing) (RFT);
  • IRIS (UT) Real-time A, B и C сканы.


  • Lightweight, shockproofandcompact
  • Built-in universal multiplexer for 64, 128 or 256 elements
  • Sealed housing design without ventilation holes (protection against industrial, street and radioactive dust)
  • Compatible with previously released sensors and multiplexers
  • Battery operated
  • Remote control by one operator
  • Sensorrecognitionsystem
  • RFT, NFL and MFLTesting (as an option)